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How To Clean A Cuddle Toy

A cuddle toy can be one of the most treasured possessions for a young child.
They might take it everywhere and never let it out of their sight.
However, this can often mean that the toy will quickly become a magnet for dust, dirt, bacteria, and all manner of other things which children seem to attract. Sometimes, you will be forced to find the best way to clean a cuddle toy, but what is the best way to go about it? Once you have convinced your child that the toy needs a bath, it is time to move on to the first step.

The First Step to Clean a Cuddle Toy

The build-up of dust can be one of the most noticeable problems, especially if the toy has been dragged places rather than carried. Run a slightly damp cloth over the cuddle toy’s surface area to get rid of this. It is also possible to use one of the attachments on a vacuum cleaner or a lint roller. Once this is done, use a brush with plastic with well-spaced bristles (and one which has not been used on a person’s hair, as the hair product can often leave a residue). When vacuuming, ensure that you use the proper attachment and that no small pieces are accidentally hosed up. For those who want a thorough clean, various dry shampoos have been specially formulated for these kinds of products.

Once the cuddle toy is dry, you can hand it back to your child and get ready to do the same again soon

Does Your Cuddle Toy Have Stains?

If the cuddle toy has acquired some spots or stains – which is almost inevitable – then it might be time to apply special measures. Before using any stain removal solution, test a small area first to ensure that no lasting damage is done. Then, once you have applied a small amount of the product, leave it to dry and inspect it for any damage. While there is a range of stain removal agents available, you might want to try one of these formulated solutions:

  • Mix three spoons of dish soap, a tiny drop of ammonia, and water. Then, apply the foam which forms to the required areas before wiping it away with a wet cloth.
  • You can also mix water with rubbing alcohol and dish soap, applying only the bubbles and foam that form and then wiping them away.
  • Removing odors is another issue, which can often be beaten by placing the cuddle toy in a standard paper bag with a small amount of baking soda. Shake the bag to cover the toy in the bicarbonate of soda and then leave it all to sit for an hour—towel off the powder and test for the smell.

It might be a wonder of the modern age that many cuddle toys can be machine washed. Check the label on the toy before you do so, and remove any batteries or attachments which might be at risk before starting the cycle. You can help keep cuddle toys soft using fabric softener, and placing the toy in a pillowcase will prevent it from mixing with your regular wash. The older or more delicate a cuddle toy might be, the less well it will respond to machine washing. Foam beads inside toys or fibrefill make them unsuitable for washing, and more giant toys should avoid the machine.

Once you have removed a cuddle toy from a washing machine, brush it down and then leave it to dry. A tumble dryer is not advised to clean a cuddle toy as it might cause stretching or shrinkage. A clothesline can be helpful but avoid direct sunlight.

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