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Tips for keeping Easter Egg Dye off Your Carpet / Upholstery.

A classic Easter celebration includes brunch, followed up by an egg hunt – as well as the family tradition of dyeing eggs. The issue lies in the Easter egg dye – it’ll get everywhere, no matter if it’s commercial or a more natural dye batch you made at home. Whether dyes are from natural or chemical sources, if spilled, it’s possible to expect to be handling some challenging stains.
If you see blotches, drips, or handprints in blue, red, or green, the most important thing to do is attack the area immediately with a mixture of (uncolored) dishwashing liquid and warm water. Only use a white cloth or paper towels to blot at the stain – don’t rub as it will push the dye deeper into the carpet fibers. Keep blotting until no more color appears on the cloth or paper towels. Start at the outer edges and move inward to keep the dye from spreading.
Rinse with a clean white cloth and plain water and allow it to air dry.
Still see color? Time to try non-sudsing ammonia mixed with water (you only need one tablespoon per cup of water). Test your carpet first! You don’t want to remove the carpet color!
Some spot remover sprays can work, but these sprays or solutions should be tested first so you are not left with areas of your valuable carpet looking bleached.

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