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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning a New Construction Home

The feeling of standing inside your newly finished home is unlike anything else. But once the thought of cleaning a new construction home hits, you may wonder where even to start.

Do you start by vacuuming the whole house from top to bottom? Or do you first attack the bathrooms and kitchen? Before you reach for the mop, take some time to read our guide on how to clean a new construction home properly.

Importance of Cleaning a New Construction Home

Your new home is all set up for habitation. Can’t you simply start moving in and cleaning as you find the time instead of cleaning the whole house once before you start your new life there?

That’s not the best idea. Here’s why.

  • Safety Concerns: Builders use all sorts of materials, from wood and sawdust to paint, adhesives, and other chemicals. These materials can cause breathing problems and skin irritations if not cleaned up properly.
  • Aesthetics: Construction sites can be unsightly, especially right after the builders have finished their work. Cleaning your new home will restore it to its glory.
  • Functionality: If your kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms are a mess, you won’t be able to use them, especially if physical obstacles are limiting you from reaching the appliances or cabinets. It’s best to give your home a thorough clean so that everything works the way it should.

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