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Organic Cleaning: Your Bedroom Will Shine

Organic Cleaning: It is safer and cheaper!

You don’t have to go out and buy expensive organic cleaning supplies, you only need the following tools to safely clean your bedroom:

1. Vacuum Cleaner with a HEPA filtration system

2. Microfiber dusting cloths

3. Swiffer Extender Duster ( my favorite new tool)

4. Microfiber mop kit (If your floors are carpet skip this)

5. Vinegar (if needed)

First things first, what is C’s number one cleaning rule?

Always go from Top to Bottom.

1. Use your Swiffer extender to dust all corners, trim, and ledges. This includes your ceiling fan, light fixture, and any bed posts that you are unable to reach by hand. Don’t forget heating and air conditioning vents and intakes. I find that Swiffer dusters can be used multiple times by running them through the washing machine and letting them air dry. Putting them in the dryer will destroy their static cling ability.

2. Once you have cleared the cobwebs you are ready to change your linens. It is recommended that your sheets be changed once a week and your duvet cover washed at least once a month. I prefer duvet covers to blankets for two reasons: They are easier to wash and you can give your room a make over just by switching up your bedding. (I keep at least two sets of bedding on hand to avoid waiting for laundry)

3. Now take your slightly damp microfiber, make sure it is not dripping, and wipe all surfaces down. Wipe down all furniture from top to bottom including the sides. Lift all picture frames, lamps, jewelry boxes, and TV boxes. Do not put any chemical on your TV screen but be sure to dust the back of your TV. For mirrors or glass surfaces you may be able to buff any smudges off with a dry microfiber, if this is not possible use a vinegar and water mixture. Using only water or a dry microfiber is essential to chemical free or organic cleaning.

4. Once all the surfaces are dusted it is now time to vacuum. You should vacuum in a linear fashion; starting at the farthest point of the room and working your way to the door. Take the floor attachment off to get the dust out of corners and along the wall. Commonly missed places include: under your heater, under the bed by the head-board, under the dresser, and behind chairs. Be sure to vacuum inside your closet; lifting your shoes to get all the dust bunnies that hide in the corners.

5. Last step (Optional) Mopping or steam cleaning the carpet. If you don’t have pets and take your shoes off at the door this step isn’t needed as often. Periodically you should either mop or steam clean to remove dust residue that cannot be picked up by the vacuum alone. If you have pets mopping should occur every week or so. Steam cleaning rugs is recommended at least once a year. Carpets can hold germs for days at a time. If someone in your home is sick steam cleaning your carpeting can help stop the spread of germs.

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